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Developer/Scripter Application Form

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:12 am
by SugarD-x
Welcome to the application section for developers and scripters. We are currently accepting users in the development and scripting teams. Please use the following form to create an application, with the title "<Username>: Developer Application": (For Developers)

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[b]Programming Languages Known:[/b] 
[b]Experience In Each Language:[/b] 
[b]Why Do You Want To Join?:[/b] 
[b]Please Understand That This Is Not A Join And Leave Project. We Are Asking That You Stick With Us Until The End. Do You Agree?:[/b] 
Or "<Username>: Scripter Application": (For Scripters)

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[b]Scripting Languages Known:[/b] 
[b]Experience In Each Scripting Language:[/b] 
[b]Why you want to join:[/b] 
Users who do not follow this title and form will not be accepted. Good luck!