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Webmaster/Administrator Application Form

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:14 am
by SugarD-x
Welcome to the application section for webmasters/administrators. We are currently accepting users in the webmaster/administration team. Please use the following form to create an application, with the title "<Username>: Webmaster/Administrator Application":

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[b]Website Languages Known:[/b] 
[b]Experience In Each Language:[/b] 
[b]Other Webmaster/Administrative Experience:[/b] 
[b]Why Do You Want To Join?:[/b] 
[b]Please Understand That This Is Not A Join And Leave Project. We Are Asking That You Stick With Us Until The End. Do You Agree?:[/b] 
Users who do not follow this title and form will not be accepted. Good luck!